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Tips for Real Estate Agents: Engaging Your Sphere of Influence With Personal Touches

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August 2, 2022

What really sets one agent apart from the next? How you make sure your clients texts you when they need to make a real estate change, and not your competitor? While lead generation is super important, so is making sure that the clients you do have are happy and ready to send more business your way. Try adding personal touches to each encounter you have with your client– because business, actually, is very personal. Get started with these tips for real estate agents on engaging your sphere of influence with personal touches that will build the bonds of trust and the friendship needed to generate referrals and keep clients coming back to you.

Tips for Real Estate Agents: Engaging Your Sphere of Influence With Personal Touches

1. Videos–be personable and unedited

If it’s safe for you to do so, film individual virtual tours for each client. When you film the apartment or home you want to sell, give your clients little details that will really help them envision themselves in the space. What types of get together can they have in their living room? What type of games can they play with their children in the backyard? Think carefully about the needs and wants of your clients, and ask yourself what they might need to know about a new home. Adding these personal touches will help your clients envision themselves in the space, and will help you stand out and stay memorable to all your clients.

Remember–it’s OK to be personal and (relatively) unedited. Always be respectful and don’t overstep boundaries, but staying personable and open will help you establish trust and deepen relationships with your client. After all, the real estate business is intensely personal, so make sure your client knows just how personal their business is to you.

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2. Content relevant to your sphere of influence

Adding personal touches can also mean making sure that the content you create is relevant to your sphere. Consider using different content in your newsletter for different segments of your client-base. Put one set of content into a newsletter for your renter clients, and another for your home-owner clients, for example. Segment out your client base in a way that makes sense for your business, and supply each with content that will really hit home. Are you stressed about creating so much content? Don’t sweat it too much. Curated content is perfectly acceptable to put in your newsletter! Simply take blogs or videos that you think your clients will love (don’t take them from other agents!) Take them from real estate best practice blogs like and include them in your newsletter. Creating personalized content will set you up as a knowledge broker quickly!

3. Handwritten cards

When was the last time you received a heartfelt letter from a friend or colleague? It feels pretty great to receive a letter in the mail from a loved one–writing your client a letter is a great way to brighten their day and add a personal touch they won’t forget anytime soon. It’s much more personable than a text, and can bring powerful memories of nostalgia. Also, everyone checks their mail for bills and important information, and hand-written letters are much less likely to be thrown out than paper flyers or other types of promotional materials. Here’s what you can write about:

-Ask them if they’re happy in their current rental/home!
-Ask them if they’ve considering how the changes in the market might affect the price of their home.
-Reach out to let them know that you’re thinking about them during these difficult times and that you’d love to add them to your newsletter so that you can keep them informed on current real estate trends, and best practices to home-hunt during a pandemic.

Lead by asking how they are, and inserting any small personal details you can remember–the name of their kids, dogs, or a restaurant you might have suggested they try in the neighborhood, for example.

4. Make tough times easier

Do you have any clients you know who might feel wary of returning fully to public life during the COVID-19 pandemic? Reach out to them and offer your services. Would you be able to pick up their groceries, necessities, or medication? While lockdowns may be in process of easing in many places, some people need extra-help in ensuring that all their needs are met. To offer your help, you can send a text like this:

“Hi <client name>, this is <your name>! I just wanted to check in. I have a car and if you need any help running essential errands or picking things up, don’t hesitate to reach out.”

Of course, feel free to adjust this script to your liking, and make it specific to the client that you’re trying to reach. While personal touches like these aren’t necessarily lead generation ideas, they help you establish lasting bonds of trust with your client that’ll last far into the future and generate the referrals you need to keep business moving.

5. Events—signature, repeatable, and fun!

Remember–always host events safely! During the COVID-19 pandemic, you might want to consider hosting a virtual event so that everyone feels comfortable, or sticking to small, socially-distanced gatherings in a place like a park or a backyard will make your event more accessible.

What could be your signature? Is there a particular type of event that you like? (BBQ? Run or yoga session?) Or a particular type of local food you’ll love to have all your client sample?

Host signature, repeatable events to show your clients that you really value their business!

6. Keep your lead generation going!

As you generate leads, keep in mind these tips for real estate agents on adding personal touches. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to generate leads and build a solid book of business, check out Rental Beast University to access on-demand courses and on-demand webinars on everything from landing a new rental lead to closing a lease.

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