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How To Become A Real Estate Agent: Getting Your First Clients

Rental Beast
August 2, 2022

Considering beginning your real estate business by working with renter clients.

Grow Your Sphere of Influence

Working with rental clients is a great way to grow your sphere of influence (i.e the amount of potential clients you can reach when you post!) Begin generating referrals quickly. And, remember, renters won’t be renters forever! Most renters want to become homebuyers, and, if you can relationships early, you can build a longstanding foundations for tomorrow’s homebuyer clients.

Practice Client Skills

Even if you’re a seasoned salesman, sharpening your skills requires practice. Because renters move more often–for single family rentals, renters move on average every three years–so may be working with the same client (and receiving commission!) multiple times. And, with rentals increasing dramatically in popularity, a new agent may have an easier time acquiring and working with renter clients.

Develop Social Media Skills

A social media-heavy lead generation scheme is a must for today’s ultra-digital world. Both renters and house take to the internet to start their home search–90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process. This is especially true of renters, who are often more plugged-in Millennials. Build your Facebook Business Page, develop your marketing know-how, and build social media skills that will last your whole real estate career.

Earn Commission Quickly

While home sales take place in months, rentals can close in a matter of weeks, letting you access commissions almost immediately. This is especially important considering how competitive real estate can be for a new agent–real estate coach Tom Ferry estimates that 87% of agents fail within the first five years. Don’t wait for a luxury home sales commission straight out the gate.

Access More Education

Ready to learn more about rentals? Once you’ve got your license, come access free online rental education from Rental Beast.


Comprehensive education is just on the features we’ve created to help real estate agents take advantage of rentals. Rental Beast simplifies the whole rental transaction, with a powerful set of tools to help real estate agents succeed at every step, including over 8 million rental listings not found on any MLS. To learn more about the Rental Beast platform or to request a no-obligation demo visit Rental Beast for Real Estate Agents.

Rental Beast
Rental Beast is an end-to-end SaaS platform empowering real estate professionals with powerful productivity tools and the nation's most comprehensive database of nearly ten million rental properties not found on any MLS. Utilizing a seamless and secure integration, participating MLSs capture thousands of properties that are normally off-MLS inventory, and leverage essential search, data ingestion, and maintenance systems needed to help member agents capture their share of $12 billion in annual leasing commissions.

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