Powerful Automations

Save time and money—Rental Beast's automation tools and virtual assistant sends important reminders to landlords and clients, and keeps you up to date and in control, in real-time.

Powerful Automations

Let Rental Beast do the work. Our Virtual Assistant can do the heavy lifting so you can keep selling. Use Rental Beast's automations to:

  • Filter and pre-qualify rental clients and identify would-be home buyers. Filter and auto-accept leads looking to live in your sphere and let automation capture detailed information about desired property features, affordability, timing, and propensity to purchase homes.
  • Execute follow up on rental applications. Rental Beast follows up with tenant applicants and landlords automatically, and keeps you informed of rental application progress
  • Stay in touch with rental clients. Our automated email campaigns help you nurture clients with personalized, expertly-timed communications

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